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Honor Guard

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Team of the honorable flag!


Honor Guard...



Honor Guard raises and lowers the flag in the morning and afternoon.

We meet in the mornings at 715 a.m. and we meet after school at 4 p.m.




General Rules:

  1.  Honor Guard is a silent drill team; i.e. Both practices and performances are expected to be completely silent
  2.  Honor Guard can have many members during practice; however, only 6 team members including a commander and XO can perform at any one time. The cadets that attend the most practices will perform on Wednesday
  3. A cord and arc will be awarded after 1 complete performance (morning and afternoon); however, in order to keep your cord, practice must be attended at least 2 times a week (preferably one before and one after).
  4. One practice is both  raising the flag (morning) and lowering the flag (afternoon)
  5. Honor Guard ribbons will be awarded after 80% complete practices. Only one will be awarded to each cadet within each school year. Honor Guard Varsity letter will also only be given out once a year for 80% of total performances met.
  6. Commands:

Once outside and cadets have fallen in, there are several commands that must be given and executed to raise and lower the flag. Commands in order for raising the flag:           

 “Forward March” (team halts on its own at the respective point, i.e. before they reach the cement section.)          

  “Center Face” (Commander and XO turn before giving the command, team faces flag pole)          

  “Post” (team marches to the flag pole still facing forward, the commander and X.O stay in place.)        

    “Center Face” (team turns to the flag pole and the Crank begins cranking the chain down fast. Commander and X.O remain still. Flag folders closest to the commander and X.O perform an about face, then forward march until they reach the national flag where they will accept the flag, perform an about face, and march back to the pole where they will unfold the flag. They then do the same for the state flag. Then the Crank will crank the flag up fast.)          

   “Center Face” (after the flag is up/down), (team turns to face the commander.)         

   “Post” (team marches back into formation around the commander.)           

“Right Face”         

   “Forward March” (XO takes one step to the side and falls in behind commander after he/she passes)          

  “Honor Guard, Halt” (about 10 feet from the doors to the school)Commands for taking the flag down are the same only when the flag is being cranked down it is brought down slowly.      

 During a performance the entire team salutes the flag at half staff going up, and coming down at half staff. There is no command given to salute, the guard will signal the team to salute by saluting when the flag is at half staff. When giving the national flag back to the Commander, the cadet will salute, than hand the flag over. Positions for Honor Guard/ Chain of CommandOn the Honor Guard team there are 6 different positions which can be filled:

  1. Commander- Carries only the national flag when there is an X.O. without an X.O. the commander carries the state and national flag. When commanding a team of only 4 members (including the commander, and X.O) the commander will fall in with his team, and crank the flag up/down. Also the commander commands the team 
  2. Executive Officer- Carries the state flag when there is a full team of six. When there are only 5 members, the X.O falls in as a flag folder. If the commander is absent, the X.O commands the team, and carries the national and state flag 
  3.  Crank- cranks the flag up/ and down. The crank position is also responsible for keeping the chain untangled, and keeping the clips within reach of the flag folders
  4.  Flag Folders (2)- have to receive the flag from the commander. The flag folders are also responsible for presenting the flag and raising and lowering it. The flag folders also have to give the flags back to the commander
  5.  Guard- The guard is responsible for holding the door for the team when they enter/exit the school. The guard also holds the national flag after it has been clipped up before the state flag is put up. During a performance the guard signals for the rest of the team to salute when the flag is at half staff

   Rules for Performance/ Practice.

  1. If weather is bad(I.E. icy, extreme wind,pouring rain,blizzard)consult an instructor before going out to practice/perform
  2. If school is delayed 2 hours, no practice or performance.  
  3. If school is cancelled then no practice or performance
  4. Before any member performs, they must attend at least 2 practices in that week.
  5. If a member misses 3 practices consecutively or 2 performances they will lose their cord and arc pin until 50 points are earned
  6. To earn a varsity letter a member must attend at least 80% of practices 




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