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Retiree Appreciation Day

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Retiree Appreciation Day!

On October 14, 2017 a total of 29 cadets volunteered to help with the Retiree Appreciation Day. The cadets of the JROTC program come together and help the retired community with basic needs. We help them get flu shots, free lunches and more. Retiree Appreciation Day is a special day of year where the JROTC cadets have the chance to really give back to those in the community who have served our country.   




Cadets Who Participated in the Retiree Appreciation Day Event:


Last Name  First Name 



Carpenter Chloe
Carpenter Amber 
Carrera Lilianna
Castillo Patrica
Correa Malia
Curl Riley
Davis Austin
Edwards Tristen
Encarnacion  Juan
Ford Lanorris
Freitas Jason
Garcia Christopher
Huey  Nikolas
Kelly Brennen
Kondratowicz Elijah
Mason  Ryan
Myers Joseph
Powell James
Reyes Elijah
Rodriguez Jonathan
Scales Cameron
Sea  Falefasa
Smith Emma
Starner Gavin
Tenorio Kailani
Tinerow Yanruw Angelina 
Utter  Emily 
Vanegas Valentina 
























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