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Raider Team

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2011 Colorado Scholastic Orienteering State Champions


Click here to check out our video and see what we are all about.....










C-CPT Skyler Scott






Use this sound track to prepare for our competitions with the Navy. How long can you push it?

01 Track 1.wma


Sergeant Major Maison observing LTC Oetjen's push-ups...he's like the Energizer Bunny-going and going and going!! Great form sir!







The Raider Team practices physical and technical skills at both the individual and team levels. They perform tasks that may be found in a conventional Army unit such as the Physical Fitness Test, 5Km Runs, Rope Bridges, Land Navigation Courses, First Aid Litter Carry, Cross Country Rescue, Orienteering, 5km Foot March, and Vehicle Pulls just to name a few.




Raider Team Mission Statement


Trojan Battalion Raiders develop discipline, physical and mental toughness at FFCHS and designated competition sites to enhance the leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills to improve the self-confidence and esprit de corps of each cadet through the spirit of competition.





The Fountain Fort Carson JROTC Raider team is physically fit, mentally tough, and morally straight; willing to go the extra mile to support a fellow Raider.





Things to remember when coming to Raider

Team practice:


- All cadets on the team are expected to be at all practices unless it is approved by the SAI or AI.
- All cadets are expected to work to their best potential... Example: sound off, push yourself, don't give up, etc. This will make you stronger.


- Sexual Harrasment will NOT be tolerated.


- Proper wear of the ACU according to the CCR 670-1 is expected whenever worn.





 Calendar of Events:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

AM Practice 7:10

CNL Classroom

PM Practice 4:00-4:45

AM Practice 7:00

CNL Classroom

PM Practice 4:00-4:45

AM Practice 7:00

CNL Classroom

PM Practice 4:00- 4:45

AM Practice 7:00

CNL Classroom

PM Practice 4:00- 4:45

No Practice

Skills Training/Competitions

Location to be determined


No Events


2011/12 Results:



2012 Canon City ECO Park Raider Challenge Champions (14 Apr 2012)





3rd place overall team fitness


1st place male curl-ups: Michael Scott (144)






Air Force Competition at Sand Creek


1st Place



Air Force Competition at Sand Creek


1st Place


Overall Male - Nathan May



2010/11 Competition Results:





Individual Awardees

Cody Driver

Amanda Taylor









5th Place Team

1st Place Team In 1 Mile Event











1st Place Female Team

3rd Place Male Team


Individual Awards

Daryan Shepard (2nd Place Individual Female)

Amanda Taylor (3rd Place Individual Female)


Raider Team Standard Operating Proceedures (SOP)

A brief description of the SOP is listed below, however, there is more supporting information that can be viewed by

 downloading the complete SOP. Click on the link provided:TROJAN RAIDER SOP.docx


1. The purpose of this SOP is to set standards and qualifications for membership on the Raider Team, and to establish criteria for Raider Team awards. This process is subject to review by the SAI and AI for amendments as the needs arise.


2. Composition of the Team.

A. Raider Team Commander

B. Raider Team Deputy Commander

C. Team Members (Consist of male and female Cadets.

D. Outdoor Activities. The Raider Team will plan and conduct activities and training that is based on the following:

(1) The five Cadet Challenge events of one-mile run, pull-ups, curl-ups, v-sit reach, and shuttle run.

(2) 5K trail run or foot-march.

(3) First aid and CPR training (Red Cross certification).

(4) Map reading, land navigation, compass, and orienteering.

(5) Basic outdoor survival skills.

(6) Low-impact (Leave-No-Trace) lightweight camping skills.

(7) Outdoors-related community service (at least one volunteer service project per school year).

Service project will be performed as a group.


3. Awards.

A. ACU uniform and beret are authorized to be worn by active team members after two meetings and selection to the team. This uniform is only authorized to be worn during Raider competitions or as directed by the Raider Coach.

B. The Raider Team black shoulder cord will be awarded after earning 40 points.

C. The Raider Team Ribbon (N-4-5) is awarded at the end of the school year, or after the last Raider Team event (whichever is later) to those active members who have earned 90 percent of the average amount of points earned by all members of the team.

D. The Raider arc is awarded to all team members meeting the criteria for items A and B above.


4. Competitions. The Raider team will compete in several competitions each year in Colorado and possibly out of state. Competitions will be scheduled through the activities office at the high school and placed on the school activity calendar. These activities include orienteering competitions, Raider Challenges, Fitness Challenges, and Cross Country Runs at various distances from 5-10K.



7. 2011/12 Competition Calendar Results:

Date Type of Event Map Name/Description





RED RIVER HIGH SCHOOL JROTC PT Challenge The JROTC PT is a postal P.T. test. JROTC units will compete in a 4-member team in the all male event and all female events. The COED team will have 6 members consisting of three males and 3 females.
21 Jan Mesa Ridge Drill Meet Mesa Ridge Fitness Challenge Mesa Ridge



2009-2010 GHS NJROTC NATIONAL ORIENTEERING POSTAL COMPETITION The test will contain various type orienteering questions (including symbols and map questions) based on Naval Science textbooks, the latest Cadet Field Manual, the U. S. Army’s “The Orienteering Handbook”, United States Orienteering Federation materials, and other orienteering manuals. It may contain anything that pertains to orienteering. Test administration time limit is 60 minutes - CLOSED BOOK. The test must be administered to all teams and team members at the same time. Each team member will need a “Silva” type compass.



Canon City Raider Challenge Canon City 5 Events Cadet Challenge





Raider Team Classroom

The Raider Team Training Site has been established. There are two broad categories of training that we all need to complete.


The First category of training is the Map Reading which consists of a series of videos and lessons that are between 1-2 minutes in length. This will build serve a basic understanding of how to read a map. We will build on this knowledge by adding more information during the Orienteering Training. This training needs to be done by the end of the month as we will start to compete in orienteering competitions soon.


The next category of training is the distance learning First Aid Lesson on the JROTC distance learning website. Enroll into the Raider Team Moodle site by clicking in the link below.




Colorado Scholastic Orienteering Series Schedule

Website: http://www.rmoc-csol.org/rmoc-csol/Intro.html

Members of the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club (RMOC)





Supporting Orienteering Websites


Rocky Mountain Oreienteering Club- http://www.rmoc.org

Georgia Orienteering Club- http://www.gaorienteering.org/Education/education.htm

Florida Orienteering Clib- http://www.floridaorienteering.org/index.htm

Map and Control Symbols- http://backwoodsok.org/control-descriptions-and-map-symbols-explained

On Line Quiz- http://www.fortnet.org/icd/index.html


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