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1.  Students are expected to complete the self paced learning acitivities on page 2 when they do not attend class.  Each student will submit these activities to the instructor to be given credit for that class. 


2.  Text books can be signed out from the instructor if they are not accessed on line.


3.  The link to the CADET REFERENCE MANUAL to assist cadets in wearing their uniform is http://www.dimondjrotc.org/Documents/CadetReferenceThirdEdition.pdf


LET 1 Assignments



1st Quarter

Lessons will be taught in this order, week #s may fluctuate do to weather days, holidays, and other unforseen activities.

LET 1 U1C1L1_Army JROTC - The Making of a Better Citizen 

LET 1 U1C1L2_The Past and Purpose of Army JROTC 

LET 1 U1C1L3_Moving Up in Army JROTC - Rank and Structure

LET 1 U1C1L4_The Signs of Success

LET 1 U1C1L5_Your Personal Appearance and Uniform

LET 1 U3C1L1_Self Awareness

LET 1 U3C1L2_Appreciating Diversity through Winning ColorsU3C1L1i_Exercise 1 - Discover your Communication Power.doc

LET 1 U3C1L3_Personal Growth Plan

U3C1L3 Exercise B_Personal Growth Plan Worksheet.doc

LET 1 U3C1L4_Becoming an Active Learner

LET 1 U2C2L1_Steps from the Past

LET 1 U2C2L2_Roles of Leaders and Followers in Drill 

LET 1 U2C2L3_Using Your Leadership Skills/Taking Charge

EXTRA CREDIT-Complete distance learning classes from the JROTC Cadet distance learning website at: www.jrotcdl.com Each course is worth 25 points or 25 merits.




2d Quarter


LET 1 U3C2L1_Brain Structure and Function

LET 1 U3C2L3_Learning Style and Processing Preferences

LET 1 U3C2L4_Multiple Intelligences 


LET 1 U3C3L1_Thinking Maps

LET 1 U3C3L2_Reading For Meaning

LET 1 U3C3L3_Study Habits that Work for You

LET 1 U1C1L6_The Stars and Stripes

LET 1 U1C1L7_Proudly We Sing - The National Anthem 


LET 1 U2C1L1_Being a Leader

LET 1 U2C1L2_Leadership Reshuffled

LET 1 U2C1L3_Leadership from the Inside Out

LET 1 U2C1L4_Principles and Leadership


 LET 1 U2C1L5_Sexual Harassment/Assault

 LET 1 U3C4L1_The Communication Process

 LET 1 U3C4L2_Becoming a Better Listener

 LET 1 U3C5L1_Causes of Conflict

LET 1 U3C5L2_Conflict Resolution Techniques [Just Two Days]


 LET 1 U3C8L1_Orientation to Service Learning*

 LET 1 U3C8L2_Plan and Train for Your Exploratory Project*

 LET 1 U3C8L3_Project Reflection and Integration*





LET 2 Assignments




1st Quarter

U4C1L3 You Are What You Eat

U4C1L4_Nutrition - Nourishing Your Body

U4C2L1_The Need for First Aid/Your Response

U4C2L2_The First Life-Saving Steps

 U4C2L3_Controlling Bleeding

 U4C2L4_Treating for Shock and Immobilizing Fractures

 U4C2L5_First Aid for Burns

U4C2L6_First Aid for Poisons, Wounds, and Bruises

 U4C2L7_Heat Injuries 

U4C2L8_Cold Weather Injuries

 U4C2L9_Bites, Stings, and Poisonous Hazards

 U4C3L1_Use & Effect of Drugs, Alcohol, and Substances

U4C3L2_Critical Decisions about Substances [Interactive Nights Out]

 U5C1L2_Introduction to Maps

 U6C1L1_The Preamble

 U6C1L2_Citizenship Skills

U6C1L3_Small Group Meetings

 U6C1L4_Representative Group Session 





2d Quarter

U6C1L5_Introduction to Chief Justice

U6C2L1_Our Natural Rights

U6C2L2_Developing Republican Government

U6C2L3_British Origins of American Constitutionalism

U6C2L4_Colonial Government-Basic Rights & Constitutional Government

U6C2L5_State Constitutions

U6C3L1_Articles of confederation 1781

U6C3L2_Creating Our Constitution

U6C3L3_Balancing Power

U6C6L6_Protection of Rights Within the Judicial System

U6C6L7_Military Justice System

U6C7L1 Roles of Citizens

U6C7L2_New Citizenship and Constitutional Issues

U6C7L3_Constituitonalism and other Countries


Extra Credit Assignments.

·College in Colorado registration 1.pdf">College in Colorado Curriculum_OutlineDPS07-081.pdf- 10 points

·Fast College/Fast Jobs registration- 30 points

·CollegeInvest Early Achievers Scholarship registration - 10 points

·College Opportunity Fund registration - 10 points

·Any Scholarship application Scholarship Opportunities - 10 points

·Instructor assigned/approved Essays - 25 points

·March to Success Member - 10 points Below you will find the link to share with your students allowing them to add you as their course "Monitor" when they register. This will allow you to track their progress through the course(s). If you have already enrolled in March 2 Success, you will need to provide them the following information to allow them to add you as a monitor:


monitorID = mID135080205

lastname = Maison


EXTRA CREDIT-Complete distance learning classes from the JROTC Cadet distance learning website at: www.jrotcdl.com Each course is worth 25 points or 25 merits.


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